Strategies for Your Future!

Welcome to Georgia Retirement Council

The Georgia Retirement Council is a full-service investment planning firm offering, through Lincoln Investment, a wide variety of retirement plan accounts, investment advisory services, college savings plans, insurance products and non-qualified investments. When you partner with Georgia Retirement Council, you will receive professional and personal service.

As Georgia Retirment Council financial professionals, we can guide you in developing and maintaining an investment strategy designed to reflect your long-term objectives by:

  • Analyzing your financial situation
  • Selecting appropriate investments
  • Helping you develop a retirement income plan
  • Providing educational materials to help increase your financial awareness
  • Answering your questions and responding to your concerns

Ongoing investment management can make a significant difference and may provide the opportunity to maximize investment performance. Our advisors can help you keep your portfolio positioned strategically and help ensure that your investments continue to reflect your goals.

Georgia Retirement Council, and its financial representatives, are supported by The Legend Group®, a national firm, who for over 50 years have helped investors to work toward their financial goals.