About Georgia Retirement Council

Our firm was conceived by a group of financial professionals from the investment and insurance fields. The council is complemented by legal and tax professionals with a great deal of experience. We believe that there is a void in the financial services industry when it comes to middle class Americans. Our representatives are experienced in areas such as Social Security, Teacher Retirement System, State of Georgia Retirement System, 401K Plans, Pre-Retirement and Transition Planning, and Retirement Income Planning.Thus was born the Georgia Retirement Council, a group of professionals with a strong desire to assist individuals with a complete and comprehensive financial profile.

We believe there is no "quick fix" and there is no "one size fits all" in financial preparation. To get started we must first understand your financial concerns. Then our advisors can work with you to help implement and achieve your financial goals in life. Our goal is simply "to provide the same service that we would expect or enjoy, courteously and confidentially, so that our clients are ecstatic about the value we bring to the table."

The Lincoln Investment family of companies nor any of its representatives is affiliated with the Teacher Retirement System or State of Georgia Retirement System; and Teacher Retirement System and State of Georgia Retirement System does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the retirement educational services described in this or other communications of Lincoln Investment.